Yesterday's Enterprise

"Yesterday's Enterprise" is the 63rd episode of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was the 15th episode of the third season. The episode first aired in syndication the week of February 19, 1990. In the plot, the crew of the USS Enterprise-D must decide whether to send the time-travelling Enterprise-C back through a temporal rift to its certain destruction in order to prevent their own disastrous timeline from ever occurring. The plot for "Yesterday's Enterprise" came from the uniting of two story ideas; one which featured the crew of the time-travelling Enterprise-C, and another episode which featured the return of Denise Crosby, whose character had been killed in the show's first season. Trent Christopher Ganino and Eric A. Stillwell rewrote the story to more prominently feature the character of Guinan, and the script was completed by a team of five writers. Filming of the episode lasted a week; some planned elements, including death scenes for many of the characters, were either too time-intensive or costly to film. In syndication, "Yesterday's Enterprise" outperformed most of the third season's episodes with a 13.1 ranking, the third-highest number for the series at the time. The episode is cited as a favorite by members of the cast and by reviewers.


David Carson


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