You Were Never Duckier

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You Were Never Duckier is an animated cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series from 1948. Starring Daffy Duck and Henery Hawk, this cartoon marked the start of a direction change for Daffy Duck, from a "screwball" character, to a greedy, self-centered one (though, according to commentary by Eric Goldberg on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD [fifth volume], this cartoon showed Daffy as being both a greedy, self-centered character and a screwball one). This cartoon was also the next-to-last Henery Hawk cartoon to not be directed by Robert McKimson, and one of only four to be directed by creator Chuck Jones (after The Squawkin' Hawk, Flop Goes the Weasel, and followed by The Scarlet Pumpernickel). This marks the new era in Warner Bros. as it was the first to be in the post-1948 package. It was reissued with 1943-56 rules although. This and 4 other cartoons followed this exception and all of them except Daffy Dilly, also directed by Jones, have their original titles restored for a DVD release(with the exception of Kit for Cat, which for unknown reasons the original ending card was never restored for DVD). Also Daffy Dilly is the only one in Cinecolor. This is one of two post-1948 cartoons to have IN TECHNICOLOR, which means it is one of the early produced cartoons of 1948. The title is a play on the 1942 musical film You Were Never Lovelier.


Mel Blanc


Chuck Jones


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