Ronnie Barker


1976AdventureDramaRomanceRobin and Marian
1964ComedyThe Bargee
1971ComedyThe Two Ronnies
1978ComedyGoing Straight
1976ComedyOpen All Hours
1962ComedyA Pair of Socks
1992DocumentaryMore Auntie's Bloomers
1976ComedyEpisode #5.3
1973ComedyEpisode #3.5
1976ComedyEpisode #5.1
1975ComedyCrimeNo Way Out
1974ComedyCrimeA Night In
1975ComedyCrimeHappy Release
1973Comedy7 of 1
1973ComedyOpen All Hours
1973ComedyOne Man's Meat
1976ComedyEpisode #5.2
1976ComedyEpisode #5.4
1976ComedyEpisode #5.5
1973ComedyEpisode #3.4
1973ComedyEpisode #3.3
1973ComedyEpisode #3.6
1973ComedyEpisode #3.7
1975ComedyEpisode #4.8
1975ComedyEpisode #4.7
1976ComedyCrimeThe Desperate Hours
1977ComedyCrimeA Storm in a Teacup
1974ComedyCrimeThe Hustler
1974ComedyCrimeNew Faces, Old Hands
1974ComedyCrimeA Day Out
1974ComedyCrimeWays and Means
1975ComedyCrimeDisturbing the Peace
1975ComedyCrimeHeartbreak Hotel
1975ComedyCrimeThe Harder They Fall
2005DocumentaryThe Two Ronnies
1969ComedyHark at Barker
2003DramaMysteryRomanceThrillerMy House in Umbria
1978ComedyGoing Home
1978ComedyGoing to Work
1978ComedyGoing Sour
1982ComedyThe Ginger Men
1981ComedyLaundry Blues
1981ComedyThe New Suit